Laboratory Department consists of experienced staffs and great laboratory equipment that are up to date world widely and based on the quality control plans of products, which are according to the international standards. With all these specifications this part tries to control and confirm the imported goods.

Technical laboratory and Quality Control Department

Control the imported goods
Controlling and examining the imported goods like raw materials and segments is one of the most important factor done in this technical laboratory and quality control department. The experts of this department try to control and supervis the imported raw, based on the controlling plans which were provided before and specified factors to be sure about the validity of the products.

Controlling, measurement and refining the process of producing

In the process of producing, this department always tries to oversee the process to make sure that safe products based on the standards are produced. The experts try to make sure about the validity of productions, by measuring and refining the materials and using the confirmed calibrated equipment. In thi process if the experts find out any errors in the production, they will stop it as soon as possible.

Identifying the Products

The process of producing a product will be considered from the first step to the end. Like ( the type, time of importing , suppliers of raw materials, inspecting, people involved in the process of producing , packing and the final overseeing).

Controlling and measurement and refining the final production

The experts of the department do this process in order to be sure that productions are manufactured completely safe and without any errors. This process is done on the final production based on the factors of the controlling plans and standards.

Controlling of the incompatible products

Hesam Lighting have certain method to control, evaluate, split and determine the incompatible materials. All these process are done and recorded by exports.