Hesam Sanat Lighting is one of the pioneer established and most proficient pole lighting manufacturers in IRI.. We design and manufacture Lighting Columns and high masts from 1m to 100m in Heights, and can be seen in Highways, Stadiums, Shopping centers and Parks through worldwide.

From our Head Office in Mashhad City, we offer our customers a comprehensive Package from Initial consultation, calculations, and final design through manufacture of poles to delivery and Installation. As we grow, so do the choices for our customers, our range of products: Decorative columns, Tubular,  Octagonal, High mast, Aluminum and Urban furniture at our factory in Mashhad City.   Our factory is accredited based by CQC against Quality management system ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001​​​​​​​

Throughout the world we have supplied and install lighting columns, high masts, flag poles and urban furniture for all markets including stadiums, Roads, parks and Shopping centers.

As a Company we look after our customer for Initial consultation through the design and quality of our poles.  To Achieve this, we recognize to build Honest relationships with our customers to offer products at fair prices and to importantly to stand by our customers on the use of maintenance and eventually replacement of our equipment this is all adds up to level of supporting which is unparalleled in the lighting Industry.  To be confident our Vision is developing our markets through GCC, CIS and all around the world till 2023.