Production department includes Plasma cutting, welding, hot galvanizing, painting, assembly and packaging.

Production Department 

By employing educated and talented employees with latest equipment, this department has been able to break the records of quality production in accordance with the required standards in production industry of street poles, park poles and urban furniture. And respond to customer satisfaction and demands proudly and entirely.
This department is under the supervision of excellent consultants during production. Since the entering of the goods till the loading of the products.
* Some of the production equipment is as follows:
1. Rolling machines
2. CNC plasma cutting machines, precision lasers
3. Break press machines for the production of polygonal bases up to 50 meters high​​​​​​​

Galvanization is one of the most economical ways to protect metals in corrosive environments. During this process, which is a kind of galvanic protection, the base metal is completely covered with a layer of zinc metal in order to resist corrosion and rust, for which purpose the steel can be immersed in the zinc bath.
The steel headlights are galvanized with this method and will be suitable for outdoor environments and exposure to humid weather and in corrosive environments such as the sea.

This department plays an important role in the quality and beauty of products by using experienced and specialized employees.
In this section, pre-paint surface preparation according to ISO8501 international standards with 1 / 2SA2 grade, washing with accurate and high quality acidic and alkaline materials is done with a spray in automatic conveyor line.
Automatic electrostatic powder paint line using the most accurate equipment paints poles up to length of 80 meters, and is able to paint any product with different shapes and sizes. The powder colors of this company are the highest quality brands.
Liquid paint line is able to paint quality products with Zinc Rich, epoxy and two and three partial Polyurethane.
All of the above steps are supervised by consultants and quality control experts, who continuously inspect and perform various tests on the products.

Assembly and packaging
Using young and experienced employees along with continuous training, this department has assembled a variety of street and park lights with different light sources, including COB-CFL and LED SMD, each with a different light distribution curve and specific user conditions. Meets the needs of customers.
Use of high quality raw materials (aluminum body, bolts and nuts with chrome and steel plating, BJB connectors, COB LED lighting sources of Citizen and OSRAM companies, lenses with different light distribution curves and high efficiency (Standard drivers with high electrical specifications) using international standards has confirmed the products and obtained the necessary licenses for export.